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Provides an interface for chat completion using a Hugging Face model that runs locally.

Folder path/generators/chat
Most common position in a pipelineAfter a ChatPromptBuilder
Mandatory input variables“messages”: A list of ChatMessage objects representing the chat
Output variables“replies”: A list of strings with all the replies generated by the LLM


Keep in mind that if LLMs run locally, you may need a powerful machine to run them. This depends strongly on the model you select and its parameter count.


This component is designed for chat completion, not for text generation. If you want to use Hugging Face LLMs for text generation, use HuggingFaceLocalGenerator instead.

For remote file authorization, this component uses a HF_API_TOKEN environment variable by default. Otherwise, you can pass a Hugging Face API token at initialization with token:

local_generator = HuggingFaceLocalChatGenerator(token=Secret.from_token("<your-api-key>"))


On its own

from import HuggingFaceLocalChatGenerator
from haystack.dataclasses import ChatMessage

generator = HuggingFaceLocalChatGenerator(model="HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-7b-beta")
messages = [ChatMessage.from_user("What's Natural Language Processing? Be brief.")]

In a Pipeline

from haystack import Pipeline
from import ChatPromptBuilder
from import HuggingFaceLocalChatGenerator
from haystack.dataclasses import ChatMessage

prompt_builder = ChatPromptBuilder()
llm = HuggingFaceLocalChatGenerator(model="HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-7b-beta", token=Secret.from_env_var("HF_API_TOKEN"))

pipe = Pipeline()
pipe.add_component("prompt_builder", prompt_builder)
pipe.add_component("llm", llm)
pipe.connect("prompt_builder.prompt", "llm.messages")
location = "Berlin"
messages = [ChatMessage.from_system("Always respond in German even if some input data is in other languages."),
            ChatMessage.from_user("Tell me about {{location}}")]{"prompt_builder": {"template_variables":{"location": location}, "template": messages}})

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