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You can install Haystack in a couple of ways - basic using pip, full, and custom. You can also install REST API. Choose your installation method and follow the instructions.

Haystack Repos

All the core Haystack components live in the haystack repo. But there's also the haystack-extras repo which contains components that are not as widely used, and you need to install them separately.

Installing Haystack Core

These are the instructions for installing the components from the haystack repo.

Basic Installation

Use pip to install a basic version of Haystack's latest release:

pip install farm-haystack[inference]

This command installs everything you need for basic Pipelines that use an InMemoryDocumentStore, as well as all necessary dependencies for model inference on local machine, including torch.

Minimal Installation

Use pip to install a minimal version of Haystack's latest release:

pip install farm-haystack

This command installs only the necessities to be able to use models via APIs with Haystack PromptNode and Agent. You won't be able to use models from HuggingFace, which run on your local machine.

Full Installation

To use more advanced features, like certain DocumentStores, FileConverters, OCR, or Ray, install further dependencies. The following command installs the latest release of Haystack and all its dependencies:

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install 'farm-haystack[all]' ## or 'all-gpu' for the GPU-enabled dependencies

Installing from main

If you want to try out the newest features that are not in an official release yet, you can install Haystack from the main branch. The following command installs from main with dev dependencies:

pip install git+[dev]

To be able to make changes to Haystack code, install with the following commands:

# Clone the repo
git clone

# Move into the cloned folder
cd haystack

# Upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade pip

# Install Haystack in editable mode
pip install -e '.[all]'

Additionally, if you want to contribute to the Haystack, check our Contributor Guidelines first.

Custom Installation

You can choose the dependencies you want to install. To do so, specify them in the pip install command:

pip install 'farm-haystack[DEPENDENCY_OPTION]'

You can find a full list of dependency options at haystack/pyproject.toml. Common options are:

Dependency OptionDescription
allInstall Haystack and all optional dependencies, including developer tools.
all-gpuInstall Haystack and all optional dependencies, including developer tools with GPU support.
awsInstall Haystack and AWS SageMaker PromptNode support
colabInstall Haystack and all dependencies needed to run Haystack in Google Colab.
crawlerInstall Haystack and all web crawling tools.
devInstall Haystack and all development tools needed by contributors.
ocrInstall Haystack and all OCR tools.
docstoresInstall Haystack and all DocumentStores.
docstores-gpuInstall Haystack and all DocumentStores with GPU support.
faissInstall Haystack and FAISS support for the FAISSDocumentStore.
faiss-gpuInstall Haystack and FAISS support for the FAISSDocumentStore with GPU.
inferenceInstall Haystack and all dependencies for model inference on local machine, including torch.
opensearchInstall Haystack and OpenSearch support for the OpenSearchDocumentStore.
elasticsearchInstall Haystack and Elasticsearch support for the ElasticsearchDocumentStore. This extra will install Elasticsearch 7.
elasticsearch7Install Haystack and Elasticsearch 7 support for the ElasticsearchDocumentStore.
elasticsearch8Install Haystack and Elasticsearch 8 support for the ElasticsearchDocumentStore.
pdfInstall Haystack and PyMuPDF for PDFToTextConverter.
If you don't want to use PyMuPDF for licensing issues, do _not _install this extra and use PDFToTextConverter instead.
pineconeInstall Haystack and Pinecone support for the PineconeDocumentStore.
preprocessingInstall Haystack and the basic preprocessing tools, such as langdetect for language identification and nltk for precise document splitting.
file-conversionInstall Haystack and all the dependencies for file conversion and parsing, like python-docx, tika, markdown.
rayInstall Haystack and Ray support for the RayPipeline.
weaviateInstall Haystack and Weaviate support for the WeaviateDocumentStore.

If you are running pip<21.3, you can't install dependency groups that reference other groups. Instead, you can only specify groups that contain direct package references.

# instead of [all]
pip install farm-haystack[sql,only-faiss,weaviate,pinecone,opensearch,graphdb,inmemorygraph,crawler,preprocessing,ocr,onnx,ray,dev]

# instead of [all-gpu]
pip install farm-haystack[sql,only-faiss-gpu,weaviate,pinecone,opensearch,graphdb,inmemorygraph,crawler,preprocessing,ocr,onnx-gpu,ray,dev]

Installing the REST API

Haystack can be deployed as a service exposing a REST API after installing an additional package called rest_api. The package is not available on PyPI so you have to run the following command to install it:

pip install "git+"

Other Operating Systems


We recommend installing WSL to use Haystack on Windows:

pip install farm-haystack -f

Apple Silicon (M1)

Macs with an M1 processor require some extra dependencies to install Haystack:

# some additional dependencies needed on m1 mac
brew install postgresql
brew install cmake
brew install rust

# haystack installation
GRPC_PYTHON_BUILD_SYSTEM_ZLIB=true pip install farm-haystack

Installing Extras

You need to install the nodes from the haystack-extras repo one by one. For detailed instructions, see the documentation of each node: