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Say hello to 1.15!

Get ready to supercharge your NLP apps with the latest release of Haystack: 1.15. It's packed with features that will bring a whole new dimension to your NLP apps.

Let's take a close look at what's new and where in the docs you can find it:

  • Agents: a thrilling new component. You give it the tools, and it decides which ones to use to arrive at an answer. It iterates over the tools until it decides it's got the perfect result. It comes with a bunch of ready-made tools:
  • Support for ChatGPT through PromptNode.
  • Speaking of PromptNode, Haystack 1.15 revamps PromptTemplates to ensure smooth PromptNode integration with other nodes in your pipelines.
  • A new haystack-extras repo with audio nodes. More in Extras.