Custom Nodes

Custom Nodes for Haystack, created by deepset and the community.

Tool NameDescriptionLink
Azure TranslatorTranslateAnswer and TranslateQuery Nodes that use the Azure Translate endpoint
Document ThresholdFilter documents based on a minimum Confidence Score percentage, ensuring only the documents above the threshold get passed down the pipeline.
Entailment CheckerCheck the entailment between a statement and a list of Documents.
fastRAGA research framework designed to facilitate the building of retrieval augmented generative pipelines.
Document LemmatizerA lemmatizing node for documents which can potentially reduce token use by up to 30%.
Mastodon FetcherFetch a Mastodon username's latest posts.
Newspaper3k WrapperScrape articles directly using the scraper Node or crawl many pages using the crawler Node.
ReadMeDocs FetcherFetch documentation pages from ReadMe docs sites.
Text2SpeechConvert Haystack Answers and Documents to audio files. Contains AnswerToSpeech & DocumentToSpeech nodes.
Veracity NodeCheck the validity of an answer, based on the given context.