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Welcome to Haystack 1.17!

Great news! In Haystack 1.17, there are some new great features that will help your NLP applications get to a new level!


Haystack 1.16 is here!

With Haystack 1.16, there are even more great features that add a fresh perspective to your NLP applications!


Qdrant DocumentStore now integrates with Haystack

If you're working with Haystack and DocumentStores, that's something you'll be interested in. Haystack now integrates with the QdrantDocumentStore. This integration makes it possible to use all the powerful features of Qdrant in your Haystack apps.


Say hello to 1.15!

Get ready to supercharge your NLP apps with the latest release of Haystack: 1.15. It's packed with features that will bring a whole new dimension to your NLP apps.